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Proficient Wireless Subwoofer Kit 




Bass is meant to be felt and drive the audio experience to new levels. Where you place a subwoofer has a huge impact on sound quality, but sometimes you canÕt get a cable to the optimal subwoofer location. With the Proficient¨ wireless audio subwoofer kit, you can place the sub in a location that achieves the best possible sound for the room.

Simply connect the transmitter at your A/V source and the receiver to your subwoofer and you’re ready for plug-and-play bass. All you need is a power source for the sub and you unlock the freedom to strategically place the subwoofer in its optimal location. Each transmitter supports up to four receivers for use with multiple subwoofers.

Get more bass from any space!


Protege FDS Triple 15” Subwoofer – Multivoltage


Proficient Protege Subwoofer Series – 15″.With High back-EMF woofer design: over-sized magnets generating high motor force, experience unprecedented performance at this price.


Ceiling LCR speaker with 10″ Kevlar woofer, 3″ Kevlar midrange and 1″ aluminum tweeter


The C1075s is our best LCR ceiling speaker. Its midrange and tweeter are mounted on a panel angled at 15 degrees, so the sound is directed at the listeners even though the speakers are in the ceiling up above the TV screen. Top-quality Kevlar drivers help the C1075s deliver state-of-the-art surround sound.

Audio logo.png

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